Thursday, February 22

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

9:05 AM

Opening Keynote

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9:40 AM

Why AI? The impact of artificial intelligence


Mitch Joel in conversation with Steve Irvine of 

Artificial intelligence is urgently knocking on the doors of marketers, and set to have a big impact on brands. This session will serve to answer some key questions regarding the real potential of AI and the effects it will have on the future of the marketing industry.

Presented by two esteemed subject matter experts, author and tech guru Mitch Joel will conduct an in-depth discussion with Steve Irvine, founder of and advisor to Canada's leading AI research organization, the Vector Institute.


Steve Irvine
Founder & CEO

Mitch Joel
Mirum Canada Agency Inc

10:15 AM

From Kickstarter to Challenger: Knixwear's Disruptive New Model


Knixwear began as a Kickstarter sensation just four years ago. Created by founder Joanna Griffiths, the brand aims to fill several service gaps in women's intimate apparel offerings, and provide comfortable activewear for all sizes. The brand raised over $1.6 million in pre-sales for their first-ever bra product, and still holds the records for most-funded fashion project, and most-funded women's project in Kickstarter history. Now sold online and carried in over 500 retail locations across North America, Knixwear has its sights set on even greater disruption within the apparel industry. Griffiths will join us to share her story and the brand's outlook on the future.


Joanna Griffiths

11:05 AM

The Future 100: Key Trends for Marketers


Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the JWTIntelligence Innovation Group, will present exclusive findings from JWT's 2018 Future 100 Report. A product of JWT's in-house futures and innovation think tank, the Future 100 provides a look at the year ahead, identifying key trends in technology, retail, culture, marketing and more. Greene will provide an essential roundup of the most important information for marketers to have in their arsenal as they face the future.


Lucie Greene
Worldwide Director
The Innovation Group,JWTIntelligence

11:35 AM

Session TBA

1:00 PM

Racing Towards Regulation: Branding in Canada's new cannabis market


The smoke is starting to clear, as pictures of Canada's provincial cannabis markets start to emerge. Each province will establish their own rules, regulations and retail environments for recreational marijuana. Marketing, or perhaps a government-mandated lack thereof, will be a unique challenge for cannabis brands as they seek to capture consumer attention.

Alison Gordon, CEO of licensed producer 48 North, will discuss the marketing and branding challenges her company faces in the run-up to legalization, and how her team plans to stay nimble as the country braces for this pivotal moment.



Alison Gordon
48 North

1:30 PM

The evolving role of the CMO


Andrea Hunt, CMO of Weston Foods, and Lori Davison, VP of Brand Strategy for the SickKids Foundation, will take part in a live onstage discussion of how their roles, and the place of marketing in their organizations, have transformed in recent years. Both executives have led rebranding strategies, as well as institutional overhauls, and will expand on their experiences with the MES audience.


Lori Davison
VP Brand Strategy & Communications
SickKids Foundation

Andrea Hunt
VP Marketing
Weston Bakeries

2:00 PM

The Future of Fintech


Find out how Koho, a hot new entrant into the fintech landscape, is defining a brand that breaks through the clutter at start-up speed, and why this needs to be the norm for all brands moving forward. 


Jason Chaney

2:50 PM

Innovation Outside the Box


Sam Olstein, GE's Director of Global Innovation, has led the brand through some of its most dazzling and provocative marketing campaigns in recent years. From using GE's digital technology to broadcast an up-close look at an active volcano in Nicaragua, to creating a massive, scientifically-perfect meat smoker at SXSW, Olstein has found ingenious ways to present GE's technological capabilities to a younger generation. Olstein will discuss how his team has developed an innovation-focused culture within a legacy brand, further solidifying the role that GE will play in the tech sector's future.


Sam Olstein
Global Director, Media and Innovation

3:20 PM

Closing Keynote


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4:00 PM

Closing Remarks


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