Speaker Susan Kresnicka

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Susan Kresnicka

Cultural Anthropologist, Founder & President


Founder and president of research firm KR&I, Susan is a cultural anthropologist with over 19 years of experience in the commercial sector.  Specializing in foundational research to establish core human drivers for consumer behavior, Susan has led large-scale, multi-modal research projects for a range of industries, including entertainment, sports, news, consumer electronics, food and beverage, and retail.  A student of fandom for more than a decade, Susan has conducted fan research for a variety of iconic entertainment IP brands, sports teams, and brands built around passionate hobbyists. Through this expansive study of fandom, Susan has developed a deep appreciation for how fandom operates in people’s lives, differs from other forms of affinity, and can be strategically deployed to enhance business value.  Whether she is studying fandom or another topic, Susan specializes in tying consumer behavior to core human needs, allowing clients to establish more enduring and meaningful bonds with the people upon whom their commercial success relies.  

Susan holds an M.A. in social anthropology from The University of Texas at Austin, sits on the professional advisory board for UCLA’s Master of Social Science program, and regularly speaks publicly on fandom, gender, morality, identity, and the value of anthropology in business. Her work has been covered in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Variety, and more.

Speaking on: The BIG BRAINstorm: The macro changes impacting marketing

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