• Securing resources in a time of budget scarcity

    Marketers and agencies need to make tangible, fact-based arguments to win campaign resources at a time of unpredictable corporate cash reserves. John Bradley and Carrie Bradley show how different mindsets – in particular, financial literacy and business strategy – along with a holistic view of communications effectiveness are now essential for marketing to retain its voice in C-Suite decision-making.

  • The role of marketing in Equality & Inclusion

    People today expect brands to use their voice to motivate systemic change on important topics, from racial justice to gender parity. Achieving Equality & Inclusion takes a village, with the marketing department becoming a part of the engine in supporting this mission. As one of the world’s largest advertisers, president Geraldine Huse shares how P&G is building E&I into the core of its business and its brand.

  • CMO Interview: Making sense of marketing during Covid-19

    Marketing teams face constant budget scrutiny – and in a crisis, advertising purse strings are typically the first to get tightened. Susan Irving, CMO of Kruger, and Clinton Braganza, SVP of customer loyalty and partnerships at Scotiabank, share how they justified brand investment to their CFOs and where marketing dollars were most impactful during Covid-19, plus lessons learned on steering the ship in a storm and scenario planning for the future.

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