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Anthony Chelvanathan


Edelman Canada

Prior to taking on his current position as Chief Creative Officer at Edelman Canada, Anthony worked his way up through a number of creative directing roles at Leo Burnett Toronto, which culminated in his appointment to Senior Vice President. Along the way, Anthony has made a name for himself as one of the most prolific creatives in his industry. His work has garnered acclaim at nearly all of the world's top creative shows, including 59 Cannes Lions recognitions and 500+ international awards from institutions such as D&AD, The One Show, ADC, Communication Arts, LIA and Clios.

Throughout his career Anthony has repeatedly landed at the top of Strategy magazine's creative talent lists and even been ranked 6th in the world by The Gunn Report. He has reached incredible heights (his TSN campaign promoting the Rogers Cup was among the most-awarded billboard campaigns in the world) while ranking up tens of millions of views in the process (his follow-up video to the famous #LikeAGirl campaign alone received 90 million).

His passion and knack for zeroing in on unique human insights at the heart of a brand's purpose has resulted in major accolades for both his clients and agencies throughout his career, including winning an International Grand Prix for his IKEA project Cook This Page. Anthony's world-class expertise in bringing big ideas to life also knows no categorical bounds, with his creative leadership directly leading to agency wins and business growth across nearly every industry and category.

When he’s not unleashing juggernaut creative ideas onto the world and meticulously crafting his way to the number one Art Director spot in the country, Anthony can be found in his kitchen, treating his friends to his latest spicy curry recipe.

Speaking on: From advocacy to action

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