Everything’s changed. Again.
So should your plans.

September 29

The Symes

Get a corner-office perspective on how to move forward.

Hear from CMOs, futurists, anthropologists and Canada’s prominent thought leaders as they share insights on what to expect next and how to navigate the pressing issues that are changing behaviours, attitudes and choices.
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel | Banff, Alberta | June 11 - 14, 2017


2022 Lineup

  • Building buzz for an iconic brand

    Heinz Ketchup captured consumer attention by injecting good-old fashioned silliness into a series of campaigns - even poking fun at its trademark slow pour. Hear about the strategy behind restoring a legacy brand to top-of-mind status.

  • CMO interview: Seeding and growing audiences for your brand

    Marketing leaders share their insights on connecting with new and expanding demographics for their brands – whether the target is Gen Z or the growing multicultural market – along with the challenges they face with the instability of supply chain, inflation and labour issues.

  • From advocacy to action

    When a brand takes a stand, a lot is on the line. If the messaging doesn't feel authentic, the brand risks being called out. But passing on the opportunity to speak out on social issue can also take a toll. On the back of the success of Dove's #KeepTheGrey campaign, which continued the brand's multi-decade run of advocacy on issues that resonate deeply with consumers, this conversation explores the dos and don'ts of tackling social issues. PR, creative and strategic branding experts who have seen the good and the bad weigh in on how to enter the conversation and how to avoid backlash.

  • Anticipating tomorrow: The roles that will redefine marketing

    What happens when you mashup the forecasts of futurists and marketers from around the world? You get a unique view on the roles and capabilities that are starting to reshape marketing. A future-focused view of how to evolve your skills and the skills of your teams.

  • Disrupting Disruption

    With massive shifts in consumer behaviour, the landscape for marketers is rich with opportunities. How can brands seize this moment, now that all demographics are digitally connected (thanks to the pandemic), 'service' is the new 'experience' and the metaverse remains fresh ground? Mitch Joel, founder of Six Pixels Group and co-founder of ThinkersOne, shares how brands can innovate and refresh their marketing models in a culture of constant change.

  • Sponsored Session: Marketing Through the Lens of Journalism

    During the lunch break, our partners at the Globe Media Group present Marketing Through the Lens of Journalism. Marketing is a fast-paced industry, moving at the speed of trends and technology. What challenges are companies dealing with at the highest levels? How do those issues impact the way marketers should approach their craft? What lessons can be learned from journalism, which on a daily basis needs to determine the ideal mix of news, knowledge and data to make decisions for its audience? Sean Stanleigh, head of Globe Content Studio, conducts a wide-ranging discussion with Rita Trichur, a senior business writer and columnist at The Globe and Mail.

  • The struggle to get sustainability right

    Corona Canada is committed to reducing ocean plastics, but with consumers casting a watchful eye, its planet-positive efforts have to show real impact - and reflect continual progress.

  • CMO Interview: Marketing with Meaning

    From marketing spend and staff retention to sustainability and impact, IKEA's Johanna Andrén and McDonald's Alyssa Buetikofer discuss how they're grappling with issues new and old in a fluctuating economic environment.

  • The upsides to a downturn? What the economic forecast means for marketers

    Experts explore how consumer behaviour is expected to shift, where the opportunities lie and what learnings from past recessions might apply to this unprecedented time.

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