Speaker Bobby Sahni


Bobby Sahni

Partner & Co-Founder

Ethnicity Matters

Bobby Sahni is a veteran thought leader in the multicultural marketing and advertising industry. Bobby was the Head of Multicultural Marketing at Rogers Communications and has been a pioneer in developing, executing and managing diversity and multicultural marketing initiatives for a number of best-in-class organizations. He is Co-Founder and Partner at Ethnicity Matters – a multicultural marketing & advertising agency dedicated to helping companies drive new growth and sales by engaging North America’s fast growing, big spending ethnic and new immigrant communities. 

Bobby has earned national and international recognition for his work and thought leadership. Bobby also loves teaching, guest-lecturing at many universities and regularly speaking at industry events and conferences across North America. Bobby has also served a variety of advisory boards including Imagine Canada, Seva Food Bank, Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer and Credit Valley Conservation Foundation. Most recently, Bobby was elected to the Hockey Canada Board of Directors and is on a mission to help grow the game for all Canadians. Bobby earned his MBA from the global Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program with cross-cultural studies in Hong Kong, Germany, Miami, Chicago and Toronto. He also holds a Bachelor of Science & Business degree from the University of Waterloo.

Speaking on: The CMO Interview: Marketing with meaning

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