Speaker Anjali Lai

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Anjali Lai

Senior Analyst


Anjali Lai helps chief marketing officers navigate a market fueled by the ever-evolving consumer. Lai synthesizes multimodal data and applies cutting-edge research techniques to distill the most important changes in consumer behavior and decision making. Her research defines what these consumer insights mean for the future of industries and brands; her frameworks guide executives to make strategic calls that win and retain consumers accordingly.

Lai partners with clients across industries — including retail, financial services, insurance, media, and travel — and across geographies, including North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, to cultivate and drive customer obsession. Anjali is a frequent keynote speaker at Forrester Forums and industry conferences; her work has been cited in publications like The Economist, Forbes, Les Echos, and Marketing Week.

Lai has been analyzing technology’s effect on consumers for nearly a decade on Forrester’s analytics team. In this role, she spearheaded Forrester’s data innovation initiatives, regularly published research about global consumer trends and market research strategies, and specialized in delivering insights to brand strategists and CMOs in the advertising industry. Prior to Forrester, Lai was a marketing strategist in the fashion retail and nonprofit sectors.

Speaking on: Breakthrough or bust: tap "Consumer Energy" to drive sustainable innovation