Sessions at the Marketing Evolution: C-Suite Summit will explore the ideas and challenges most relevant to senior marketing executives in 2019. From the expanding role of the CMO, to corporate reorganization and its impact on marketing, the C-Suite Summit is an opportunity for senior executives to learn from and network with each other.

To wrap a day focused on building brands for the future, the Summit will give the stage to the 2019 Strategy Awards ceremony, which will feature the best strategic work of the year and honour the role of planning in marketing.

The Strategy Awards were developed under the guidance of an advisory board comprised of senior execs from all sides of Canada's marketing industry and in association with the Account Planning Group of Canada (APG). The Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) is also partnering with the Strategy Awards, and in 2019 the ACA's Gold Medal winner will be honored as part of the program.

The Strategy Awards show admission is included in the Summit price.