Exploring the role of marketing in an age of disruption.
Strategy magazine presents the Marketing Evolution: C-Suite Summit, Canada’s premier forum for exploring the role of marketing in an age of disruption. The mandate of the CMO — and of marketing itself — is more critical than ever to corporate success. Join us to learn from those who are building brands for the future.
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel | Banff, Alberta | June 11 - 14, 2017
  • The Reinvention of Maple Leaf

    Transparency and real ingredients are buzzwords, sure, but how often does a legacy brand overhaul its 100-plus years of history to meet new consumer realities? Maple Leaf Foods has. The leading Canadian food company has completely renovated its brands to become a leader in the “real food” movement, and is showcasing its new easy-to-pronounce (and even some plant-based) offerings in a fresh marketing platform.

    Learn from Adam Grogan, SVP, Marketing, Innovation and R&D at Maple Leaf Foods, about the process that led to the company’s reinvention, why it was necessary and where it’s going next.

  • Building a human-focused brand

    Try to think of a bank that has built a brand you care about. Tough, right? Most financial service companies command trust because they are big, not because they have created a brand that people can relate to on a human level. So what does it take to build a memorable brand in financial services? And how do you go about marketing it?

    Meet Nick White, Wealthsimple's Marketing Director. Nick was one of the first employees to join the team tasked with investing in building a human-focused brand. In this talk Nick will take you behind the scenes of Wealthsimple's in-house agency to look at how to build a marketing approach focused on telling real and honest stories about money, and the payoff of investing in a lifestyle magazine that makes people feel a little less alone in a crazy financial world.